Worst Parents in History


Anyone can have kids, but that doesn’t mean they should. Here are a few parents that would have been better off not.

1Pageant Mom Lies About Giving Botox to her 8-Year-Old Child

This controversial story ultimately proved to be a hoax, but that, in some ways, makes it even worse.

34-year-old British mother Kerry Campbell claimed that, before beauty pageants, she would inject her eight-year-old’s face with botox to smooth out wrinkles. The daughter even got in on the act by stating that, while she used to cry every time the injections were made, she had learned to tough it out.

Naturally, this turned heads. Eventually, it was found that the woman had been paid by The Sun to make up the whole affair in order to circulate a fabricated, controversial story. But before you let out a sigh of relief, consider that this woman willingly put herself and her daughter into the limelight – the public scrutiny – for a little money. That is truly sick. Continues on the next pages…

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