To My Child’s Deadbeat Dad, It Will Always Be Your Loss


1I was devastated

When you decided to walk away from our child, I was devastated. My heart was broken. No mother ever wants to see their child without a father.

I know that one day, my child will see friends with their fathers and feel the shame of not knowing theirs.

I know that one day, my child will want to know who you are, what you’re like and where you’ve been. Continues on the next pages…



  1. Its really heartbreaking I couldn’t do this to any of my children! Their my world & much more its heartless for a man ” I mean boy” to walk out on something he helped make….. Its OK because they have me for life….

  2. Sorry but if you got 4 babies with 4 daddies… YOU’RE the deadbeat who tried to trap a bunch of guys with kids you never wanted and fail to take care of. Great job.

    • Do you know how many children she has?? I don’t but as a single mom. How rude of you. You don’t know her situation as well as to say she trapped the guy or men. Men made the choice too but women are 100% held responsible in every way for a child’s life. Its comments like this that make me sad to be a women, an american and a single mom.

    • How entirely ignorant .

      My first child with my first fiancée of 4 years …. he decided being on the computer all day was more important than going out and finding a job and just let our child sit in a play pin all day , my second child , his father used me , we got pregnant , and then he left me for a stripper while I was pregnant . Third child , currently pregnant with, me and this babies father of 4 years , are fighting through some very personal things and are currently separated.

      No where have I tried to trap any of these men . How dare you assume anything about anyone’s situation because you have no idea !

      • Then you need to start being f*cking responsible instead of getting knocked up by multiple dirtbags. Grow up before having kids and subjecting them to your bullshit.

    • I have 4 children 3 different dads and recently separated from the last father of my last child . Every single one of my children were planned 12 yrs ago the first baby was planned , it didn’t work and he hasn’t seen her in 6 years . The second and third child was PLANNED 5 years ago . It did not work , he’s on drugs now and isn’t around unless I seek him . The last and final one 3 months old was wanted by both of us . We broke up when the baby was 1 month and he’s barely seen him , my door has always been there if they choose to see their kids , NO ONE wants to be a single mom , NO ONE wants or plans to be raising our children alone ! Life is hard enough , it’s embarrassing as it is to explain how more than one father didn’t work out , no need to assume things you do not know cause u or someone close can go thru the exact same thing . The definition of a dead beat to me is the mother or fathers that bring a life in this world get up and leave these poor children without a word leaving them with questions and wondering why they aren’t good enough . NOT the parent helping the child day in and out emotionally and with all the child’s needs and that is exactly what this writer does . It’s an ignorant comment to make without knowing the situation,

    • 100% agree. If you have multiple kids with multiple dads, it’s time to stop playing victim and start growing the fuck up. Those arent deadbeat dads, they just didnt want the damn kid so leave them the fuck alone! YOURE the deadbeat mom for giving birth to an unwanted child and then dangling them around like bait so everyone will feel sorry for you and hate the guy you stole sperm from. Get a life.

      • Listen, you heartless ,judgemental , narcissistic sociopath . No woman steals sperm,you twat. The fathers, were just as willing to make a baby. You know how I know, they had s*x with her. If they did not want children,they should have kept their junk in their pants. How do you know,that she was not seduced by these mentally and emotionally incapacitated “men”. These “men” that you are defending ,could have several children,that they do not take care of. That was my biological fathers situation. Leave them alone? No! They brought a child in to the world ,and they need to step up. They need to step up emotionally and financially. How dare you victim blame. That child is a victim too. Are you going to say that it was the child’s fault,also. People like you,make the world a scary and horrible place. She did not make those children on her own,and she should not have to struggle to raise them on her own. God forgive me for saying this,but you are a judgemental, sociopathic , sadistic loser. By the way,it is spelled you’re, not YOURE. If you are going to blame victims,you could at least be grammatically corect.

        • Oh stop it
          If you dont want the child, abort it. If the father doesnt want it, abort it. Either way use birth control and exercise some responsibility. Quit pretending to be the victim when you’re actually the piece of shit who creates victims.

    • Hey! I have 8 kids 8 dads and there the loosers. I give them a gift and they gived me and there childs the shafted.
      I have a great collage educatin and is way so much smarter then eny of yous. I a doctor md that is so much gooder at my doctorin then anyone hear

  3. Been thru it word of advice. Don’t ever talk bad about their Father, and don’t let anyone else say anything in front of the children. One day the kids will grow up and see what their Father is really like. I say Father because he is not a Dad. Maybe u can get lucky one day a Man will step and be a Dad to ur kids. I was blessed

    • Agree !!!! Great advice that I followed as my sons were growing up into wonderful young men !!! They figure it out one day on their own !!!

    • 100%!! My mother and family never said a single bad word about my father I have never met. I respect my mother for that more than she could ever know! I was able to developer my OWN opinion and my own feelings towards the man that was SUPPOSED to be my father. A child will grow up to respect that you trusted them to see their father for the person he is, rather than having to pound it in their head to make them believe it.

    • Thank you this is the 1 sensible response. Plus is FB really a place for this? NO it’s not and if it is put on FB they are wrong for putting it on social media.

  4. He IS the loser!! He loses out on the live of his child-the child HE chose wasn’t important enough to give his love, time, or attention, let alone his money. Which is usually the big issue with losers that leave their kid behind. They don’t want to have to support their kid. It’s fun making them, but as soon as they find out that their “night of fun” has created a life, they bolt. Because, God forbid they show some responsibility and act like a man-take care of their child. 80% of them will deny paternity. “She’s been cheating on me!!” Which you both know is a lie. But, you are the one that gets the best end of the deal. You get that sweet child that loves you unconditionally. And, even though you will always feel guilty that you didn’t provide your child with a father, just know that you’re better off without him-and so is your child. Because if he wasn’t man enough to stick around when you told him you were pregnant, he sure wouldn’t be man enough to be a good father to your child. He has you & he has all the love in your heart that you shower him with. And that’s enough.

      • WTF no just because HE says to have one doesn’t mean she should. It’s her body and the baby is part of her. Don’t have an abortion just because someone tells you to just walk away from that person and don’t look back because obviously they made their decision so accept their decision and move forward but don’t kill another human just because he wants you to. But don’t try to force him to be there either let him walk away.

        • If the dad doesnt want the baby, why would you give birth to an unwanted child and THEN pretend the dad is a deadbeat? That child grows up knowing they were wanted by no one, not even their selfish “mother.”

          • He can sign his rights away, he still looks like an ass, but he won’t see the kid or pay child support. IJS

          • He doesnt look like an ass though.The “mom” does. He was straight up, didnt want it but she still forced it because she is a selfish piece of shit. Period. Just because you’re a woman, or pregnant, or a mother… for damn sure doesn’t make you right. Grow up and stop having kids with guys who dont want them, you are single handedly ruining your kids’ loves. Congrats *slowclap*

  5. People say it’s the moms fault BUT not always my kids “father” didn’t want him from day one.. he said I should have an abortion and I refused why? MY body my choice right? And he made the choice to have sex with me as much I did him! Takes 2 to make a baby! And unless you can get pregnant by hugging another man (as he my idiot loser sperm donor father of my kid) seems to think I did! Ok get this my kid has a step siblings that is right 2 of them, and well the second one is less then 9 months younger then my kid so who was cheating on who? Not me by hugging someone my child is now 21 and he chooses not to meet his father and that is a choice he made on his own I told him the truth of his father telling me to abort him and his siblings he has and the choice his father made was of his own doing! My kid was glad I didn’t listen to his father and doesn’t complain about much and I love my kid to bits!

  6. I lost two beautiful daughters that i loved very much in a car accident that i will never see again.Any man who would willingly abandon his children should be in prison and then go to HELL once he’s dead! Cherish your children deadbeats there may not be a second chance!!!

  7. This hit home hard. There are deadbeat fathers out there who don’t give too sh*ts about their child, then there are deadbeats out there who have other kids and not hesitate to raise but forget about their first ones. These deadbeats don’t understand how much it hurts the child but the child trys to not show how hurt they are.

  8. Hold up people it takes 2 to make a child and it takes 2 to raise one…do any of you people stop to think of the child .I am a father who desperately loves my boy who is dangled in front of me on a daily basis.if I jump when she snaps her fingers I get whatever time she allows.if I stand my ground the first thing I get is you threw your son away.if everyone has to be treated as equals then why is it so easy to blame the father.come on people now cps is in everything you have an entire generation raised by single parent family’s that are now dependant on the system to make it.I’m sure all of you know someone tangled with c ps because the neighbor dosentt like them or a family member gets bunghole hurt at holiday dinner.wake up people do we really want to raise every generation from now on like we did the last one.all I’m saying is don’t be judgmental til you have the facts and according to the Bible there is only one person qualified to do that .

    • Your right, but I don’t dangle her in front of him I’ve even offered if he’s missed a day and gets done early to let me know and he could have her for hours then. He comes up with an excuse. She’s been in the hospital 11 times for a medical condition, he called CPS both times she went to the hospital and was being transferred to the children’s hospital with the exact same concern for the malnourished baby. She has GERD loses weight easily when she’s sick. It’s why she’s been in the hospital to begin with. He’s visited twice the longest was 45
      minutes. So there is a big difference as using your child as a pawn by a mother who knows the father wants involvement or really being a basically nonexistent except what the court orders (if that) kinda dad.

  9. I was brought up by a single military mother. Our Dad chose the woman he’d been sleeping with over my sister and I, he’s actually told us that he loved her so much more he just had to, she divorced him 18 years later for a woman after they had two kids. They both were military too so we saw them a lot but my mom eventually remarried and my sister and I grew up so much better for it then my other two sisters did from what they say. The four of us talk after all we are sisters and our kids are related none of us or them should suffer because of my dad’s choice. 3 of the 4 of us have kids now. Myself and my younger middle sister both (she has two Botha with two different dads, the older ones amazing and half the time takes both boys on putting with him.) My child and my sisters other little boy’s dad both are only involved as far as the court says they have to be, even them most visitation days there are excuses for.

  10. I had the displeasure of meeting my biological father. Around the age of 30. I literally wish I had never met him. I wanted to punch him in the face. I would have been better off with not knowing. You have no clue, how hard it was for me when I found he kicked the bucket. Not to go to the funeral home and spit in his face and flip the casket over.

  11. No mom is a deadbeat mom moms don’t have no way out when you have a kid you have to be there regardless dad’s or maybe a dad because if you’re not there you’re not a dad you’re a pussy ass little boy that needs to grow up leave these fucking innocent moms who are struggling alone is that day going to child and dad’s dangled their dicks up in the moms to have them babies so they should have to raise them too so if you got something to say about a mother maybe you need to look at your motherfucking self bitch because ain’t nobody better than one another and deadbeat dads are everywhere is almost 2020

    • Most moms are deadbeats at this point. Very few are decent. .most just f*ck guys, have a baby and then play victim. I refuse to stand by these sad excuses for women, they don’t even care a out their kids so f*ck them.

  12. I have three baby daddies.. All three situations didnt work out for one main reason.. I have been dealing w ovarian cancer on and off since I was 15. Having children is a miracle since they told me way back then I wasnt able too. God works in mysterious ways. (Guy 1: relationship time 9 yrs) my sons father couldn’t handle me as I grew ill again and left me when I got sick and went on chemo our son was six weeks old, he finally came back into his sons life at the agae of 6 but not fully it wasnt till about 10 yrs old he came around 100% where was that fair to my kid?? (Guy2: relationship status 7 yrs) my daughter’s father I used to cater too he was a stay at hime dad I worked.. I finally had enough when I can home from work to find maggots in the trash, flys flying in the hot house from dishes not done and my childs was blistered from the dry shit she sat in for hours as he forgot to change her diaper… I was furious how could someone do that to a innocent little child.. But I still forgave him and even tho I moved one and was nice.. I even catered to him just so she could see him… My new husband even took him groceries when he was out of food so she was able to see her dad and eat we drove her back and forth everytime.. My chold wpuld cisit and come back malnourished and even had head lice a coulle of times.. then he just decided one day to not see her anymore.. Shes now 20 and pregnant w her own and her dad doesnt even know tell me was that fair??? (Guy3 the ex husband: relationship 12 yrs) marriage woohoo thought I finally nailed it…eh no I thought wrong.. We were so distant that I got sick again and even tho I told him he eas too buy playing poker or skydiving to really hear me and didnt even realize till it was too late he even left his gf on the sides vehicle in my driveway while I was sick on the couch he left for out of town.. We divirced t years later.. You all sit here and think im saying this because all these men are assholes in my eyes right??? SOO WRONG.. I forgave them all and tried again to children but those men made their choices.. My ex husband and my sons father are full time dads now.. My point is… you all are so quick to judge everyone else.. There arw dead beat dads and death beat moms.. Nowni moved from guy to guy but yet look at the year span so really was it jumping or was it just life and some thimes things work and sometimes they dont.. You all don’t walk in each others shoes. You should never judge a book by its cover. Bless you all.and I hope you all find peace

  13. and how many of the mom of multiple kids that are from married men are on here talking trash when they knew the man was married and didn’t want that baby. Shame on you for dangling that baby to try and get him to stay. The most deceiving selfish decision yet. Men literally have merely any rights these days towards that. Life ruining women that just had a child to beg for mercy gross

  14. what about the moms that make up faulse stories to gain full access…. the courts and goverment make it so easy fkr women to leave and give huge insentives… like child support. welfare. and when a women can trap more then 1 guy into having a kid theres more money… alot of ppl dont know this but family court destroys more familes with the silver bullet…


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