The “Sleeping” Baby And The Saddest Childcare Story Ever


Childcare has become an absolute necessity in the lives of many women. If they want to care for all their children’s needs, they have to go out and be able to work.

That means, in turn, that they have to be able to trust someone else to look after their children while they are working. Very few workplaces will allow a family to take up residence in the office, after all.

That’s what Bryanna Reasonover did on the 14th of April, 2017 and she will regret that choice for the rest of her life. What happened to her child is truly shocking.

1Meet Bryanna Reasonover

Bryanna Reasonover is an ordinary mother. She has four children and she works nights. That means that she regularly had to drop her children off at daycare overnight and then she would pick them up the next morning. It was an arrangement that had always suited her and her family well. Article continues on the next pages.

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