To The Father Who Walked Out On My Child


1No mother or wife expects their relationship with their husband to fail, but sometimes, that is unfortunately the case.

While it’s one thing to walk out on a marriage, it’s another to walk out on your children and the responsibilities of being a father. Here is an open letter from a wife — to the father who walked out on my child.

Missing out

You missed out on a great kid. You will miss out on birthdays, graduations, first dates, and watching our kid turn into the amazing adult they are destined to become, with or without you. The letter continues on the next pages…



  1. This is the voice of someone who does not know how to truly forgive and take responsibility for their life. Especially placing all the blame on the other person and not figuring out why the relationship didn’t work out. If we put all the blame on others nothing changes and we keep attracting the same relationships and making the same mistakes.

    • You’re justifying someone walking out on their own child!!?? I am all for trying to fix the reasons why the relationship didn’t work out, but DO NOT sit there and try to tell me that just because a relationship doesn’t work out its OK to leave your child!!!! it’s not the child’s fault either but guess what, they are the one suffering for it! I honestly hope that you don’t have children. What happens if the mom isn’t what you thought she was and you want to end the relationship, you just going to walk out on your kid too!? SMDH, this is the voice of someone who doesn’t have any common sense, empathy, compassion or, quite frankly, a heart. For you to be able to say things like that is sick!

      • It’s so funny how it’s men who make the ignorant bs comments.. U idiots are probably all dead beats to and don’t live in reality

        • Isn’t that the truth. Most men blame the women its most of their infallibility. My husband left me and out daughter after being in her life 2.5 months out of her 12 yrs. I guess we want good enough for him that’s why he has chosen to go sleep with every truck stop h*e and refuses to pay child support.

  2. Make better choices in men next time and take responsibility for and the the time to work on the issues that stood between you and a future with your husband. Be real!

    • Why is it automatically always the women’s fault huh? Sexism in this country will never die smh. If he didn’t want to stay you legally cannot force them to stay. Not all people show their true colors until much further on in the relationship.

    • You really are a “man’s man” blaming the woman for everything. I hope and pray every woman you date sees you for the POS you truly are inside. BTW Please don’t have any children.

    • It’s not always the choice you make in a man. You can be with someone who is a really good person but deteriorates over time. It doesn’t have to be a man or woman…but this woman is writing about her personal thoughts. It’s bad when either parent ditches a kid, and I can’t find any excuse for doing so. So, maybe you will be the pillar of parenthood, Luke? I sure hope so because with a comment like that you damn well should be.

  3. I am divorced. He never paid child support for his fist 3. Nor on my 2. Didn’t even try to see them. His fault we divorced ? No. Ours…..His fault he didn’t see his daughters grow up to bbe the amazing women tney are today. I had help. Thanks to my wonderful parents for supporting my decision to continue my education thst also helped my daughters. I didn’t make the same mistake twice

  4. The children are the victims people, it is not about the 2 adults who chose to procreate, not at all. This isn’t about the adults who did not work things out, but rather about those who chose to walk out and not be part of a childs life…their loss. I can give you both, wait 3 points of view on this topic. My dad was a j*rk and saw my sister and i only sporadically, but i lived and grew thru and past that. More importantly, i am a custodial grandmother who has raised my oldest grandchild all her life. While my daughter, her mother, made slme really, really crappy choices and for manu years saw this precious child only every few months, disappointed her by not showing up when she should, missed out on some very precious celebrations of many kinds honoring this angel child, she did NOT completely walk out on her. Factually, my daughter had to and still is working through her issues. It was better for my grandbaby for me to raise her, provide for her, nurture her and keep her safe and loved and held when her heart hurt. I knew it and so did my daughter, and most importantly, so did God. But…SHE NEVER COMPLETELY WALKED OUT ON HER CHILD! And so it is, but today my daughter has felt the pain and seen the damage she has done and is doing what she can to change things, to do better and she is a constant in my granddaughter’s life. Does she still make mistakes, yes, she has much to learn as a mid twenties young adult, but she visits her daughter regularly now and she does family things with us and my grandbaby’s heart is all the better for it. HOWEVER, the biological father is a total different story. He lives only a couple miles from us and has seen this precious, charming, loving, beautiful, caring, compassionate child only 2 times in her entire life, and she was an infant both times. He has and was given every chanve to be a part of her life, but he chose not to. People, there is no excuse. Men, quit blaming the women. Every relationship has is dynamics, good or bad, but we are talki g aboit the babies born of these relationships. Two adults should be able to put their differences aside for the sake of a child they brought into this world. My husband and i did, and we never spoke ill of or attacked one another in front of our kids…(that may be why we are back together after a temporary break and divorce…because we have respect for one another as our offspring’s parent.) The child suffers, period. My granddaughter asks me about her “dad”, and then dismisses the topic by saying simply thay she doesn’t have one, even though she knows everyone that is born has both a mother and a father. And yes she asks questions about the situation with her mother too. Hence i show you again, it is the child who is the victim. The blame for who didnt work the relationshop out matters not. Quit being selfish. What matters is the hearts and souls of these babies when their parents walk out of their lives…like my grandbabie’s “dad” did some 8 years ago…pathetic, irresponsible, uncaring people do that, not parents…js

  5. No matter how hard it gets with the ex just remember the person you left is the person who your son or daughter has to deal with on a daily basis. If you left because she/he was controlling,anger,abuse issues? Thats who you are leaving with your child with to deal with her/his issues and thats not fair to your child. Chances are your child will take on the same traits. Abandoning a child because you cant handle the person you had a kid with is no excuse and that makes you a weak person and who should have never had one in the first place.

  6. If the woman/man you left because of anger/abuse/control whatever issues just remember you are leaving your kid to deal with that on a daily basis.. Your kid doesnt have the option of leaving and has to deal with it. Plus knowing they were abandoned by a parent isnt good for their growth. They blame one or the other parent no matter what. Sometimes they blame theirselves and live with that weight on their shoulders. Just a thought

  7. Wish I could get a copy of this on one page I know certain fathers won’t read it if it’s in this format but if it’s in just a normal status format I know they’d read it and get the hint.

  8. I wish people would take time and reevaluate the situation. If you aren’t in and emotional or physically abusive relationship and have children you owe it to the kids to work it out. I have been with my husband 35 years and have 3 children together it is hard work to keep a family together. Everything in life isn’t easy, but those who leave are lazy and dont make the effort. Just easy just to walk away. I’m here to say just take a minute to look into the future and see your life without your kids.


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