The Effects Of Daddy Issues On Children


If you were a child, you likely have daddy issues.  You likely have mommy issues, as well, however there are more serious effects of having daddy issues than what’s usually considered common.  In fact, the effects of daddy issues on children can be devastating later in the child’s life—especially in young adulthood in ways like dating, friendships, social circles, and the workplace—alongside the developmental phase when the issues first occur.  Below are just 15 daddy issues that take hold on children’s lives and the consequences that unfortunately follow from the absent father figure.

1Avoidance of significant friendships

Due to the yearning of a father figure, children could be turned off to having friendships simply because they’re constantly looking to fill the missing father role. Another reason why children might avoid social circles is because the social circles aren’t looking for the same thing they are — father validation — so the kids with daddy issues usually cling together, only making their problems worse.

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