Single Moms, Be on The Look Out For a Guy Like This


It wasn’t too long ago that women were expected to work in the house, raise their kids, and succumb to their husband’s every need. As if. Now and ever since, women have been changing these roles, becoming more independent. Not just any man can handle the modern day self-sufficient woman, you need to keep an eye out for a man who’s past such archaic gender roles and is understanding of your needs as an individual.

1Confidence is way hotter than any 6-pack or perfect smile

It’ll turn your head in a bar, and keep your eyes locked on a man who walks straight up to you with no hesitation.

You don’t really go out on the town as a prowler, to lurk in the corner trying to figure out which guy is the hottest to talk to – it aint your thang.

A man who approaches you shows initiative, and lets you know that he is secure with himself as a person. Continues on the next pages…

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