New Parents Walk Into Baby’s Hospital Room And Find His Mouth Taped Shut. Horrified, They Rush Over To Him. It Isn’t Until Later That They Find Out Who Did It.


1Yonanne Noval Was Crying Too Loudly

A new mother and father were furious to discover the way their newborn was being treated at the hospital where they had given birth. Baby Yohanne Noval was at the Cebu Puericulture Centre and Maternity House (CPMH) in the southern Philippines, when his parents walked into his room to be shocked by what they saw. Their baby had his mouth taped shut, the tape stuck to his lips.

When parents Ryan Noval and Jasmine Babocdoc asked nurses what was going on, they told them that their baby was crying too loudly. The baby wanted milk and the nurses did not want to hear his cries. The parents demanded that the tap be removed. Article continues on the next pages.

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