New bill would make equal parenting time standard in child custody cases



A new bill before Illinois lawmakers would make equal parenting time the standard in child custody cases.

House Bill 185, sponsored by Rep. La Shawn Ford (D-Chicago) and Allen Skillicorn (R-West Dundee), would add language to Illinois law “recognizing that the involvement of each parent for equal time is presumptively in the children’s best interests.”

“It would be huge because it would bring the importance of both parents being involved in their children’s’ lives,” Illinois Fathers for Equality co-founder Chad Loudermilk said. “And the courts would then see and say that both parents are very important in their kids lives and that’s all we’re asking for.”

The bill would also delete current language which does not require each parent to receive decision-making responsibilities in respect to their child.

The court would be charged with allocating parental time unless both parents present a “mutually agreed” written parenting plan for court approval.

The court would be required to take a number of factors into consideration when allocating parental time, such as the wishes of the parent and the child, and any restrictions based upon factors such as a parent’s previous threats or physical violence, sexual violence or other abuse. There are 17 potential restrictions on parental time listed in the bill.

“We don’t want to put any children in harms way,” Loudermilk said. “But, we want fit and loving parents to receive and have the ability to have their kids in their lives.”


  1. What about parents that don’t want to see their child and would rather bar hop and be homeless/jobless.?
    I know someone that doesn’t even ask to see her child not ask how the child is doing and hasn’t had the child for over a year but still expects to see the child once every two months for two hours, And expects to have decisions on where and when the child should go some where yet she wants nothing to do with him.
    Father has had the child for a year and has taken care of the child with out the mother even helping with anything for the child.
    Step mom has been helping to raise the child and the birth mother had a job and still didn’t help supply the child with anything.


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