If You See Your Children In This Position, Immediately Stop Them!


Many parents have heard the phrase “W-sitting” and that it is “bad” for their child to sit this way.

However, many are unaware of the reason that children are discouraged from sitting in this position.

1First of all – What is W-Sitting?

W Sitting is when a child is sitting on their bottom with both knees bent and their legs turned out away from their body. If you were to look at the child from above their head, his or her legs will be in the shape of the letter “W.” Their knees and thighs may be touching together or spread apart.

For many children, this is a preferred or comfortable position, and they sit that way without even thinking about it. The added stability of this position allows them to play with toys in an upright sitting position without worrying about falling over.

It is very common (and normal) for kids to move in and out of this position when playing on the floor. Problems from this position arise when the child sits in that way for an extended period of time. However, as a parent, it is important to recognize when your child is sitting in the W position and to correct it for the reasons you can read on the next page.

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