Honest Rules To Dating When You’re A Single Mom


Even though you are a single mom, you are not expected to swear off dating forever. But there is a right way to date and a wrong way to do date.

Having poor judgment when dating as a single mother can mean consequences for your relationship and consequences for your children.

So here are 5 tips on how to balance a boyfriend as a single mom.

1Balance Your Time

Balance is everything. You never want your kids to feel like you have met a new man and now they come last in your life. That should never be the case.

Your kids are your kids, they are a part of you, and a boyfriend is just that until he becomes a husband. Therefore, never treat your children like step children. Always make time for them.

I would caution against going out with your boyfriend 5 times a week and leaving your kids with the babysitter.

You are their mother, not the babysitter. Your role as their mother will continue despite you having a boyfriend.

You can go out with your boyfriend, but he should also be understanding of your position as a single mother and not monopolize all of your time.

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