For the mom hidden in the bathroom, because she needs a few minutes of tranquility while slipping tears from her eyes.

For the mom who is so tired that she feels she can’t continue, that she would give anything for a moment of peace.

For the mom who cries in her room for having scolded the kids for a nonsense that makes her feel guilty.

For the mom who desperately battles when wearing denim pants because she wants to look pretty and wear them to feel better.

For the mom who asks for dinner pizza because she didn’t reach the time to make dinner again as she expected.

For the mom who feels alone, even when she’s accompanied.

You’re worth a lot.
You are important.
You are enough.

This is a stage, a crazy and challenging stage for all moms.
But in the end everything will be worth it. For now it’s hard. Difficult in many and different ways for each of us. We don’t always talk, but we all fight, you’re not alone.
You are enough.
You give the best of you.
Those little eyes that observe you think you’re perfect, they think you’re more than perfect.
Those little hands that ask for your arms, they think you’re the strongest and you can conquer the world.
Those little mouths eating what you cook, they think you’re the best
Those little hearts looking for yours, they want nothing but you.
Because you are enough for them, you are more than enough, mom.
You are wonderful…

– unknown author


    • This was great to read and I also cried. I have a 21 year old son with a grandson a beautiful 12 year old girl and 1 year old twin boys. And they are my world but Jesus knows I’m so tiered this by far has been the hardest job in my life. So when I read things like this makes me feel good thanks

  1. There’s so much to adjust to when you become a mom. You kiss your old life goodbye and have to welcome your new purpose and all that comes with parenthood. Everyone wants to hold the baby but no one really thinks about how mom is doing. Even I wasn’t as vocal as I should have been about what I needed in the beginning. I thought I could do it all but I was loosing my shit. I had to get myself out of postpartum depression and get my happy back. With talking about it, self care, accepting my flaws, mom friends and the support of my family I found myself again. It isn’t easy mommas but don’t suffer in silence and remember that you may feel like your a mess but to your children you are perfect. You’ll get somethings wrong but that’s ok. We all are just trying to figure out this parenting shit and your no exception. The sooner you get help the sooner you can enjoy your family!

  2. When we are younger, we worry more about what others think. We also expect a lot of ourselves. I was an over achiever as a mother too. I see this now that my children are grown. I did not see this when they were younger.

    The part about Denim jeans is odd to add here in my thinking. No one has to wear denim because they are a mom.

    • It’s always one! This poem was meant to inspire all mobs around the world! Please, let someone else pat you on the back, about your parenting skills! No one has that fairy tale, perfect life!! Not even YOU!! Just because, you didn’t feel that wearing denim jeans, maybe this author lost her shape and wearing them made her feel happy!?! Stop taking a positive and trying to turn it into a negative! The way you spread negativity, shows that you’re a bit lonely and those perfect kids left you alone with no company or no one to make miserable! Your comment says it ALL! God bless this writer, the author, and the REAL mothers that are woman enough to admit….being a mother isn’t always Peaches and cream!

    • But you wear it to look good . I can relate totally. I bought about 6 high waist jeans the other day and when I wear them I feel like a new woman!

    • The denim is when you’re tired of wearing the “same mom comfy clothes” every and miss when you could self care and feel cute in jeans. Interchangeable for your go to cute wear.

  3. This was well written and it identify what we as true Moms are…this touch me to the core…it was deep yet still factual…I needed to hear this…and the comments made…I now know I’m not alone

  4. The kids break your heart when they are young and step on it when they get older Motherhood is no joke at all.

  5. I cry as to not let them or hear me cry. I was always taught that crying is a sign of weakness. I tried my best, and still do. I still hear that i am a failure and am just taking up space inthis world. It makes me so very sad.

    • You’re not a failure……just keep giving it your best……one day your children will thank you, for all the love and support and sacrifices you went through… give them the best you could…..all you can do is give it your best… rock!!!!!

    • You are not a failure, I don’t know you, but I want you to know that you are not a failure, if I could tell you my story, actually I can tell you. If you respond I guarantee you’re doing an awesome job, with what you got

  6. Thank you for this beautiful reminder! Happy tears are rollin down! Moms plz know that these sometimes dreaded bathroom tears release the pain from the “not enough syndrome,” which this little post clearly explains is not the truth. We are not perfect but when we give it our best through any given circumstance, we are enough and more!

  7. And so much harder now to be a mom with 50 % if kiddos diagnosed with a chronic disease!!! This includes Autism which will be diagnosed in 1 of 2 Kids by 2030!

  8. That is so true but at 56 years old and my youngest is in college about to graduate you have to let your little ones know that you are human you are a person because my 22 year old and 21 year old believed that I was superwoman literally until my birthday this year in April they actually believe Mommy can do everything But moms must remember to show their human side instead of conquering all for those beautiful little eyes looking up to you it’s OK if they see you cry I cried in the bathroom all the time and they never saw it I think it would be OK to let them see it and just let them know Mommy is just a little tired right now but the love they give gives Mommy all the energy she needs to go on❤️

  9. I think all Mothers feel this way at some time. One thing that helps a lot is to learn to say NO. I said “some of the time” when I should have said “often”.

  10. It’s funny because I was literally in the bathroom crying right now thinking why has God put my kids through so much that I cant help them with but I remain strong. As I am their encourage their leader the best women that lives in their eyes. I thank you God for all you do. All your teachings and all your blessings. Continue to guide me, make me strong, keep me healthy so I can always be the best mother to my children

  11. At this time in my life I am a grandma to 4 awesome little people. I sent this to my daughter because I know what she feels almost every second of every day and sometimes moms need to hear how awesome they are and what a great job they are doing. She is the rock that holds it all together. She makes me so proud to be her mother

  12. So true.
    I cried 20 years ago when she was little and I still cry, now for different reasons.
    She gets dressed and made up and leaves for work or college like any grown up, but when “adulting” gets hard she still likes to cuddle.
    She still doesn’t know how much I cry for both of us sometimes.

  13. So true, I’m crying right now, I needed this, just to let me know how important I am, day by day your always on the go, thanks to the author

  14. I just cried earlier today,not knowing this poem pop up on my Facebook page! I will say this,To all the single parent mothers! I know how you feel! Keep your head up! I wish we could get together and hug and cry it out! A red rose to All the Mom’s on this post!

  15. I am so that mom. I am right now currently working 2 jobs and also doing a at home business on the side. I always feel like I am letting my sons down in every way. They tell me all the time you are doing a great job but in my eyes, and I know all moms at one point feel this way, and that is we are never doing enough for them even when we are so exhausted and drained but still go over and beyond to make sure they have everything they need or want. I had a small break down the other night cause I haven’t been sleeping well and working 2 jobs it catches up. I will go and sit and be by myself and just cry and cry and then my husband tells me that he has my back and he always will and he is always there for me and that for some reason just makes me feel worse. Please have any other moms felt that way also??

  16. I was this Mom. After 5 children (2 stepchildren) and many Foster children I watched during 8 years. I can say it was all worth it. I will be 61 yrs old and don’t regret one day. 41 yrs married, 12 grandchildren and our first great grandchild on it’s way I can tell you, don’t give up! Is wasn’t easy at times. Prayer was a big part of getting to where I am at today!

  17. Awww I feel so bad for all you moms that’s going through this. It’s hard yes, but worth it all. I’ll say a prayer for you all. I love you mommies. God bless you.

  18. this is me….super me everytime i feel exhausted and weak i always go to the bathroom just to cry, it makes me feel stronger mom after crying

  19. This is a lovely post that all us mums needed to read, we are enough (even though we regularly doubt ourselves) but I do feel strongly that children should realise that we are only human too and sometimes things get too much for us as well, I always try and deal quietly with my stress as a single parent to 3 children (one of which I home school) but occasionally I have to just say ‘mummy’s a bit stressed this evening’ and occasionally cry in front of them and the support that they give back, the hugs and telling me everything will be ok is magical! They don’t know what I am stressed about just that I have had a hard day and they want to comfort me the way they know I will comfort them when they have a bad day, they are learning that I am only human and learning how to be caring and supporting human beings.

  20. This is me,exactly me! Sometimes we forget how important we are to our children and we think they don’t care but they do. They don’t always show that they appreciate us but we know they love us. When something happens the first thing a child does is look for its mother. All the time and effort we put into our children it will pay off one day it’s worth it. These are the blessings that God has gave us and we should enjoy it and cherish them because one day none of us will be here. Mom of 3 boys & 3 girls. Thank you I needed this today ♥️‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

  21. I never knew it was so many moms that feel the same way I do, I cry a lot when my kids are not around, but I just continue to pray constantly asking GOD to keep giving me the strength to take care of them because I’m all they have. I’m going to continue to not only pray for myself, but I will be praying for all of you, and all the single mothers all over the world as well…Thank you author for uplifting us with this wonderful message…GOD BLESS YOU ALL

    • yup. we did. we make the best of it. I never chose for my child to have aspergers , I did chose to deal with it to the best of my ability. I have no explanation for my teens depression and suicidal attempts. I was there, I sought help _ LOTS OF IT! yes, I sat outside the hospital they MADE me put him into. Camped outside crying. How could I leave? Yes, that was my choice. no where as a young girl did i dream of a marriage where it took nagging to get the garbage to the street. i ask politely, 6 times. and that is nagging. 25 years of that shit is enought to make anyone drive to shoprite and cry…. after I took the garbage out. after working a 60 hour work week. after hours of homework. it is easier to do it myself. that is when the crying stopped. that was my choice. Guess you are one of those lucky people that have always made great choices. good for you. I applaud you! STANDING OVATION!!!! does someone have a trophy for this chick?

  22. I use to have those moments but it’s all worth it in the end! I’m a granny now! That makes motherhood more rewarding. Hang in there cuz your not alone ever.

  23. I have alot of those crying days.. and my young is 17. I’ve been secretly crying for over the years. My oldest is 25. And I’ve silent cried in my shower I silent cry in bed soaking my pillow with tears because I pray for my kids safety, wealth,and health. I want the best for my kids. I want the best for their life. Being a mom isn’t a easy job, but I’m making it with God’s help. So yes crying in silence is good.

  24. I felt this to my core. Sometimes I can’t even hide the tears. But I keep pushing through. One exhausted mom here… and here as a coach to support other exhausted moms.

  25. I have been a mom for 21+ years & found myself lying in my bed this morning running tears like a faucet…..sometimes they dont get how hard it is being “moma” & the sacrifices that are made so that they have all of their needs & most of there wants but at the end of the day I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

  26. I cry a lot. I worry you f something happens to me who would care for him. I worry that when I’m not around how’s he treated, although I know his para crea for him deeply. I’m always worried. I cry a lot everyday.

  27. I had to walk away from my family at the most magical place on earth, Walt Disney World! My children mostly whined and complained most of the day! I finally snapped and took a 3 hour break to leave the park to smoke a cigarette! The fireworks should have felt magic a l instead I f e lt sad and alone. The tension and zero patience for anyone was zero. Everyone just tapped out. My ❤ is sad and broken fr m a broken marraige. I stay for my rotten spoiled kids. Last time we were in Disney Land 8 yrs ago I cried and felt alone too. #badmarraige

  28. I’m 42 a mother of 5. Four of them are grown and have left the nest. At 38 I had a son who is 3 and was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2. I have always been a single mother and even now I still am. This time around has been the hardest journey of my life. Not only did I start over but God chose me to be the mother of this beautiful special little boy. Man has this been a learning experience and I am still learning everyday. There are times when I think I’m going to lose my mind but I continue to keep my sanity by the grace of God and the overwhelming love I have for my son. This was very deep for me. It was perfectly written and I love it. Thank you for sharing this was BEAUTIFUL ❤️

  29. I’m at work and this brought tears to my eyes I am this mother and us mothers know the struggles wow thank you very much I needed to read this

  30. I am living proof that there is life at the other end. And even the kids turned out wonderfully. I asked one of them what the worst thing I ever did was. It was most interesting to me that we each had a different memory of “mom’s worst parent-child moment “. Unfortunately, when you reach the other end, you’re grey and lacking the energy you once had.

  31. I wasn’t a bad mom, but sometimes children grown now don’t understand what we went thru they think they know it all, but don’t judge us mom’s for whatever we did wrong no one’s perfect just love us an call us more often or visit

  32. Being a Mother to a beautiful 19 month old, with one on the way, it gets challenging at times. The Father & I doesn’t get along 55% of the time, & tht alone makes it even harder. But as i look my daughter in her eyes & knws how much she looks up to me & adores me- tht’s all the strength tht i need to push through ! God Bless all Mommies all over the world, we got this ! ❤️❤️❤️

  33. Beautiful and inspiring! This reminds us the importance of a mother who worked, sacrifice all for the welfare of her childrenl and no time left for herself.Still she wants to give more for them. To all mother’s, we thank you for all the love and sacrifices you’ve showered on ur children.In return,children should respect , obey love their parents specially their mom and take care of them when they’re old.

  34. We are all we are all priceless, but can be sad with out being called week ,cant cry because we dont want people to pity us and can get mad because you will be call a bad person so what can we do right teach other about the strength it takes to be a mother .

  35. Mom of four. Grandkids. Only one left at home is 17. All girls. Faked my way through most of it. Got sick towards the end (still am) There is constant drama. When will it stop?


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