Father believes child support enforcement isn’t as strong when collecting from a woman


A Canton man says he has been unsuccsessful in getting his ex-wife to make a very small $40 amount child support payment. He says if he were a woman this case would be taken a lot more seriously.


  1. My ex was ordered to pay back in 2009…. the only time I received a payment is when he decided to file taxes which was back in 2010… I did not receive any payment for yrs & when I finally asked CS whose job was it to Enforce the order…then He decided to take me to court to have it lowered cuz he is “claiming ” to be disabled… And they fell for his crap… so he currently don’t have a order except to pay $5/mo towards the arrears…. To top it off he has been sued 4 times since 2018 for taking $$ for a job and Not doing the job….And then he was Approved for SSI ( but is 54yrd old & doesn’t have enough work credits to get full benefits so I don’t receive anything for my 2 boys)…. he currently owes me over $50k in back support….And he was never charged with Failure to pay!!!!


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