Deadbeat Lying Dad


1Child support

I filed for child support, and 7 MONTHS later, we finally had the mediation. Coincidentally, my ex had been fired from his job only 2 weeks after I filed.

At the mediation, he told the commissioner, that he had a new job, which is what they used to figure out his monthly payments. Despite the fact that he had no written proof of this new job, “could not remember” the address, phone number or even the name of his boss, they still used it. He was orders to make a payment by the end of the month or he would be in contempt (our mediation was on the 20th.) He did not make a payment, so contempt charges were filed.

Fast forward 12 weeks later, no payment has been made. I find out that the child support enforcement office had filed a non compliance with his job because they have not garnished his wages. Fast forward another 2 weeks, the enforcement office finds out that he has never worked at the job which he told them he did. Not only that, the department of labor has reported to the enforcement office that he has not been employed by any company since he was fired from the job right after I filed for support (now almost a year later.) Continues on the next pages…



  1. I’m dealing with the same thing kinda, I have four kids with my ex husband, he’s court ordered to pay me alimony in which I’ve never received and as well as child support which he pays a little at a time! But never the full amount. His inconsistency makes it hard on me and my children. When I call the Child support agency here in my county to find out why I’m receiving $131.00 instead of the full monthly payment I’m told he has to be three months in arrears before anything can be done. I don’t think cs office understands that those payments are NEEDED!! when a mom struggles the kids struggle

  2. It is so wrong that one parent does what the courts want and the others refuses. But the one that refuses gets rewarded for not complying with the courts. I know of a young mother of 3 little girls working to support the girls only to be told she now makes to much money and gets insurance taken away from her family while the father gets low income rent AND other state hand outs while making more than the mother that has the 3 girls, who gets NO help. Now the father got the courts to rule with him that the mother has to pay him. HOW WRONG IS THIS?

  3. 20 grand behind and in Ontario, Canada are support office is useless. I can’t find him to take him back.


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