Dad Finds Hidden Envelope In Daughter’s Car Glovebox, Loses It When He Reads Letter Inside


1Daughters New Car

Kevin Duke picked out what he thought was the perfect car for his daughter who was turning 16 in a few weeks. He made sure the car was in great shape, checking every compartment and driving it around for a while. The excited teen couldn’t wait to get on the road with her new car, but dad made sure it was safe enough for his little girl.

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  1. I’m confused. In one paragraph it says Kevin and his daughter decided the right thing to do was to give back the car, they would raise money to buy his daughter a new one. In the following paragraph Sabrina says not to be upset with Kevin for having the car. She knows if he could give her the car that he would. What did I miss?

  2. I’m confused also. Did he give it back or not ? I’ve tried looking it up but have not found anything about this story


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