As a Single Mom, I Can Only Date a Man Willing to Accept These 7 Things


Being a single mother is not easy, which sometimes can make dating not very easy too. You see, I spend so much time focusing on my child that I don’t have time for men who are not willing to accept these things.

1My child comes first.

This means that every single decision I make, I have to be sure that it is best for my child. Not just me, not you, not anybody else. If we schedule a date night and my child gets sick, I will be cancelling. If my child has an important event coming up, I will not blow that off to hang out with you instead. Continues on the next pages.



  1. I can tell you are a very courageous person and have probably been in situations that required it. I like your 7 must haves but there’s some psychology in men to consider. For instance, men want to provide, care for and protect their families. They also want to be fathers who are seen as crucial to their children’s development and success (unfortunately this is a statistical fact often overlooked in today’s society). I think I understand what you were trying to say in number 2 for example, but it comes off differently from a man’s point of view. You may want to add something about competency and integrity. This is just my opinion. Have a blessed, joyous Christmas.

  2. I Love All 7 Of These But You Must Also Remember Some Men Like To Protect And Embrace, Even thou I love Your Strength And Energy I Advise You That When You Are Finish Picking Him Apart And Making Sure He Is The One To Be Apart Of You And Your Daughters Lives Let Him Lead. Just Remembered He Becomes The Head Of The House Hold.


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