An Open Letter to Men Who Complain About Child Support


1Dear men who complain about paying child support because she’s taking “your” money & spending it on “herself”:

Ask yourselves this: other than paying child support, what else are you doing for your kid?

How many times have you taken your kid to school and picked him up? Talked to his teachers about how he’s doing, socially & academically? How much homework do you help with? Do you know the names of his best friend, his best friends’ parents, the little girl he has a crush on, the kid he hates? How many playdates do you supervise every week? How many field trips have you chaperoned? Continues on the next pages…



  1. That all depends on much the mother will let the father be part of the child’s life my lied too all the schools and our boys she told the schools I had no right too boys school work she told our boys I wanted nothing too do with them


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