After Refusing Abortion, Man Has Woman Murdered To Avoid Child Support



There are particular crimes in this world that are unforgivable. No matter how you spin them, they’ll never lean in the favor of the criminal. Such a crime is murdering a pregnant woman. Not only is the death a crime on its own, the death of someone who never even got the opportunity to live is incomparably tragic. One particular man did just that. His reason? He wanted to avoid child support. To save some money that he could have easily and honestly earned, he hired a man to shoot the woman in the head, relieving him of his responsibilities. Keep reading to find out the man who has a woman killed after she refuses abortion to avoid paying child support.

27-year-old Crystal Taylor was pregnant for just over five months when a man put a gun to her head and pulled the trigger. For years now, the case has been tossed around this way and that, but it’s finally gaining more traction to answer some questions that have never been fully satisfied. The article continues on the next pages.

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