9 Signs of Lung Cancer You Need to Know


Lung cancer has no noticeable symptoms in its early stage. Namely, the diagnosis was made after the disease had progressed in 40 percent of patients which had lung cancer, and in stage 3 in one third of them. That is why you should read this article and learn the early symptoms, how to recognize them and in what way early screening can help, in order to prevent the cancer to spread.

Early stage cancer cannot be discovered with chest x-rays. However, low-dose CT scans were more successful in discovering lung cancer. According to study from 2011, low-dose computed tomography (CT) scans are proven to help in reducing lung cancer mortality by 20%. In this study, 53,454 people at high risk for lung cancer had a low-dose CT scan or an X-ray.

Here are the early symptoms of lung cancer, that can make good pointers for catching this horrible disease in it’s early stage.

1Change in a Cough

You should be careful in case you notice that there are some changes in chronic cough, especially if you are a smoker. These changes may include: frequent coughing with hoarse and deeper sound, coughing up blood or excessive mucus .In case you, or someone close to you have these symptoms, it is highly recommendable that you consult your doctor as soon as possible.

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