7 Struggles Of Raising A Child When You’re A Motherless Mom



A woman’s worse nightmare is to raise a girl without her mother alive to ask for help or advice. Why? Well, the continence questioning of what should I do, what would my mother do, is this even right, how do I handle (insert problem), and whom do I turn to.

Yes, every mom questions her ability of motherhood at one point or another then turns to her mother for guidance. A motherless mom has mother like figures, such as mother in laws, friends’ moms, or family members. Nothing is the same as your very own mother’s words of wisdom. Every day is a battle with the mind. Don’t worry the battle is easy to win with a few simple task.

Breath through the struggle of “what would mom do” thoughts.

Breathing is the key through any panic attack, overthinking, or questioning. It helps soothes the mind to take a step back and analyze what’s happening around you instead of freaking out. Article continues on the next page.

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