6 Things You Should Never, Ever Do During Your Period


Every woman has to go through the tough time every month. This is the time when woman find it really hard to cope-up with daily life. When you are having your periods you often have problem with cramps and hormonal issues. Both these thing make it very hard for you to get out of the bed.

Due to frequent mood swing and cramps, you often become very emotional and your life seems a struggle to you. This is also the time, when woman start doing some of the weird things that should be avoided. Besides these weird things, there are also other things that every women need to avoid while they are on their periods. Here in this article we will present you a list of things you should never do, while you are on periods because you become too emotional during the periods.

1Doing Things That Make You Sad

Chances are high you’re going to be an emotional wreck during this time. Why make it worse by watching depressing movies or listening to sad songs?

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