5 Things Girls Must Avoid In A Relationship


The most common mistake we make is when we assume that we are going smoothly ahead in the bond called friendship. There are certain things involved that can jeopardize your otherwise healthy relationship. In the beginning we take it our job to boss the other person. That’s how other people around put it before you. Owing to such misperceptions, we are likely to commit blunders that can end us into a heart break and the chances are that you are going to live in that pit for a longer time later on. Here are few tips that can help you prevent those upsetting situations:

1Give room to the other person

The most common mistake we commit when we are in a relationship is that we forget that other person needs time for himself as well. We pry into his life and consider it legal. Not every time your guy is going to like it. Remember not to push him to the limit where he begins to drift away just because you do not respect his personal space. Giving room can exhibit positivity from your side.
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