15 Signs Hes Tired Of You And Fed Up With Your Relationship


Every relationship is unicorns and rainbows in the beginning. Flowers and sweet romantic gestures are an everyday occurrence. You feel surrounded by love. You’re honest. You want to devote your time to the other person. Sometimes, all these things don’t last. Before you know it, your relationship has turned sour. Everything that once used to be enjoyable is now annoying. The person who has their everything committed to you, now gets annoyed by you. These are tell-tale signs of a relationships downfall. Especially if he does these 15 things, things might not end well.

1He has stopped paying attention

The person who had literally put you as their center of universe in the past, now no longer minds your presence. You feel like you can never do enough to deserve their attention. He always pretends to be busy and doesn’t pay attention. He doesn’t pay attention to the way dress up or look or what you’re interested in. If this is happening with you, he’s reconsidering.

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