12 Changes In Your Fingernails That Could Signal Other Problems


1Nails Curving Upwards

Nails are considered to be a purely aesthetic feature. They act as a window to your body, with their varying colours, textures, and shapes. While some nail symptoms are very common and harmless, others can be the indicators of serious chronic diseases like anaemia. Even the grow rate of your nails indicates how healthy you are. Changes in nails should not go unnoticed. If you spot any swelling, regular breakage, unnatural change in texture or anything else that is unusual, visit a dermatologist without delay.

Nails Curving Upwards

Upward curving nails can be a symptom of low oxygen flow in the body. This could be due to malfunction of lungs and/or heart. It is a symptom of anaemia. The article continues in the next pages.

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