10 Truths About the Relationship Between Stepparent & Stepchild


1I was separated from the biological father of my daughter for about 4 years when I met him.

The day we met online we knew it would be forever, so we took it extremely slow with my girl.

After a few months with just the three of us hanging out, my daughter decided we should all fall in love and be together. So that is when we officially became partners in her eyes.

A few months later, she had to change schools, and since we would have to move to put her in a school that was right for her, it was only logical for him to move in with us.

It has now been two years and we are in our second house together. But now, there is even more glue to tie us all together– another baby.

Here are 10 things I have learned about stepparents/stepchildren:

1. We all have different last names, which can get tricky sometimes.

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